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2006 Open Life: The Philosophy of Open Source (English)

The Avoin Elämä book is now also out in English!


Henrik Ingo
16th February 1977
WORK:   Sales Engineer at MySQL AB (soon to become Sun Microsystems).
HOBBIES & INTERESTS:   Floorball and other team sports, RealVideo Streaming
FAVOURITE ICE CREAM:   Sun Ice, may he rest in piece. I grew up next to the factory and have always eaten lots of and almost exclusively it. In 2002 Ingman, bought everything, took the trademark and recipes and shut down the factory.


Altough I already have a job, I left my CV out from the times when I was looking for one. I even updated it once.

I heartily recommend publishing your CV on the web, should you ever be looking for a job. Almost immediately after I published mine, I started receiving emails about INSTANT JOB OPPORTUNITIES, different ways to MAKE MONEY FAST!!! and some Nigerian people who simply wanted to give me millions of dollars!

HINGO & his sax Writings

Copyright: Unless otherwise noted, the texts published here are hereby released into the public domain. That means you can copy, print and modify or do whatever you like with them. (Of course we both understand that it is always, no matter what, Bad and Wrong to cite or otherwise use someones work without duly crediting the original author.)

Public Domain Dedication
With a couple of exceptions noted below, all works on this site are dedicated to the Public Domain.


April 2005 Avoin Elämä: Näin toimii Open Source (Finnish)

Yes, I wrote and published a book! It's about Open Source ideology and business models, finally ending in non-computing themes such as Creative Commons et al.

2006 Open Life: The Philosophy of Open Source (English)

Finally, after a lot of work, here it is in English too. I promise not to write another book anytime soon!


Politics (articles on copyright)

May 2001 Om upphovsmannarättens historia (Swedish)  
July 2002 Kommentteja tekijänoikeusmietintöön [rtf] (Finnish)

In June 2002 a Finnish Member of Parliament, Kyösti Karjula, introduced a bill to increase the adoption of Linux in the Finnish government. On a whim I decided to write him a short email to congratulate him on such an effort. Then I added that while a symbolic gesture such as this bill is of course well appreciated, there are other more serious legislative issues going on that could do well with a Linux-friendly spokesperson.

To my great surprise he replied to my email, so some weeks later I wrote this comment on the Finnish implementation of the EUCD.

(Note that the current proposal from the government has already changed from last summer when I wrote this, so some minor details are no longer applicable.)

UPDATE: The proposal was actually rejected by the parliament, much to my surprise. This was much due to great work on the part of EFFi. I doubt Mr Karjula ever read this, and even if he did, to my knowledge he was not involved with the proposal in any way. (The writing was however quoted in at least two discussion groups on the net, so it was not a complete waste of time.)


Philosofical essays

Most of these essays were written for courses Mat-2.197 "Filosofia ja systeemiajattelu" and Mat-2.198 "Luovan ongelmanratkaisun seminaari".

May 2001 Esa Saarinen piilokristitty? (Finnish)  
January 2002 Kollektiivinen ajattelu ja neuroverkot [ps, pdf] (Finnish)

Thank you to Timo Kiviniemi for such a nice layout. All the essays written for this seminar were also published together in a seminar paper "Loruja" (Helsinki University of Technology, Systems Analysis Laboratory Research Reports, B22, April 2002). The publication is also available on the web.

May 2002 Neljäs sana (Finnish)  
May 2003 Avoin Elämä [pdf, rtf, OpenOffice] (Finnish)

An essay about wine, EU, agriculture and Open Source.

August 2003 Pölyttyneet ruusut [pdf, rtf, text, OpenOffice] (Finnish)

A short story from the bedroom. This essay was published in: "Cameo - filosofin elämää", (Sebastian Slotte & Sevi Siljola, WSOY, Helsinki, 2003)

August 2003 The chance of romance (English)

What is the probability of "he meets her"?

October 2004 Tulenkantajat Seminaariraportti [Raportti, Kortit 1, Kortit 2] (Finnish)

Värikäs seminaariraportti 2004 Pafoksella järjestetystä Tulenkantajat seminaarista.


Technical Articles (for Tieturi)

© These articles are the property of Tieturi, and are NOT Public Domain.

May 2002 JavaScriptin värikäs historia (Finnish)  
September 2002 289 Linuxia (Finnish)  

Miscellaneous school work

January 2003 Misleading visualizations [pdf, OpenOffice.org, zip with images and tables] (English)

"The Post-Enron world with it's tough requirements on reliable financial reports has left US accountants and CEOs without choice. They will now have to tell us the truth and nothing but the truth about their companies financial status. Or do they?" A story about pictures that lie...

May 2005 Using Online Quizzes as a Study Aid in a Course on Probability and Statistics [pdf, OpenOffice.org] (English)

My Master's Thesis
A study on the impact of using online quizzes for students learning.



1997 Quote.cgi [code] (CGI/C)

Randomly pick a web-page with jokes, parse it and pick one joke, and quote it. In C of all languages, because back then I didn't know better.

2000- Media7 (WWW, HTML, PHP)

In addition to making the actual videos, I also master and program the Media7 Web-page.

May 2001 Notnätet (WWW, HTML, PHP, SQL)

A school project

2001 HIngo's Counter: hic.php [code] (PHP)

A simple, "store it in a file", web page statistics gatherer. Written in PHP.

2002 Näkövammaisen Reittioppas [documentatiotation & report] (HTML)

Another school project, where we made a demo of an alternative, blind person friendly, user interface to the Helsinki public transportation system's "Reittiopas" web application.

2003 Walter (JavaScript)

An in-browser WYSIWYG HTML editor written in JavaScript.
Stretching the limits of JavaScript (and showing off!)



1996- ASCII-art

When I first started using email, I tought it was fun to make pictures like this.

November 1999 Teekkarin lampunvaihto (Finnish)  
2001 Peivots (Baywatch parody) [ low quality] [ high quality]

In the summer 2001 we made this video as a contribution to a discussion on media criticism. Filming, directing and editing is by yours truly. Starring: Eliisa Hautakoski as "Pamela", Reima Honkasalo as "David Hasselhof" and Jani Virolainen as Igor.
You will need the DivX codec to play it.

Creative Commons License
This work is not Public Domain but it is licensed under the Creative Commons "Attribution-NoDerivs" License.


Henrik Ingo
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